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Here is a really decent 1965 65 Impala, Caprice, Biscayne, Bel Air Front clip Doghouse that includes everything in photos. Good front fenders with lower extensions, beat up grille but supports/brackets are there, you have two good fenders to work with, the hood has one rust spot up near the front see photos with my finger pointing at that spot. The inner fenders are rust free, decent rad support… hood hinges are fuctional. Has nice center hood trim.

Add all these up and it is worth well over $1,000. So this is the price, not negotiating. I am not asking for $1350. Or $1,200,

$1,000 is just where I am at… if you cannot do this, find the parts elsewhere please.

I have a Driver’s and a passenger’s side reconditioned 65 SS Fenders, 327/396 badge holes up front for cross/flags emblems also holes for “Sportsport” “SS” Models, $700 each (Firm) these are professional restored… Finished in 2K High build primer.

Also, I have other used front fenders that are beat up… although some are pretty good ranging from $150-350 each, hoods w/ without $150-350 and 4 dr. and 2 dr doors I have these with glass and without, w/ regulators loaded or bare shells. Extra pieces of glass, (sorry no front windshields, but I do have some 2 and 4 door glasses, rear windshields, vent and quarter glass.

{HERES MY RANT} Don’t bother making offers… I will ingore them. People say why so much? Well, these parts are really THE Detroit Steel (GM MADE) I saved cars and parts (a capitalistic investment) when people were crushing steel at $200 a ton…So if they now from… that same recycled metal make a $499 aftermarket fender… BUY It, and ask for the optional rattail file to make it fit, because it won’t fit, but your car will be all that… with its 2 taiwanese fenders $998, hood $540, rad support $250, inner fenders ($350pr) and chinese moldings/ trim. Here’s a laugh then when selling demand $32K for their ride?

Best to call and leave a message… too many telemarketers calling and I drive a lot, so if you text ask that I call you back… I will.